Scholarship Highlight Interview: Stoever on Firearms and Domestic Violence Fatalities

  • Date:
  • September 16, 2020

For our next interview, I sat down with Jane Stoever to discuss her article, Firearms and Domestic Violence Fatalities: Preventable Deaths, recently published in the Family Law Quarterly. Jane is Clinical Professor of Law at University of California, Irvine School of Law (shout out to UCI, my undergrad alma mater—zot zot), as well as director of UCI Law’s Domestic Violence Clinic and of the UCI Initiative to End Family Violence.

Here’s from her really interesting paper and below is the video of our discussion:

This Article examines the problem of family violence firearm fatalities in the context of the highly gendered nature of victimization within intimate relationships, intimate partner homicides, and firearm ownership. It surfaces some of the hard realities for practitioners and courts, including the gendered knowledge gap as to whether there are guns in the home, the easy access to firearms in the United States, and the implementation gaps that must be closed for laws to be effective. In proposing reforms, the article posits solutions that should receive broad support from the legal profession and bipartisan political support, especially if politicians resolve to stop playing politics with the deadly combination of firearms and family violence.