Top 15 Most Popular Blog Posts From 2021

As we wrap up the year, below is our list of top 15 most read blog posts during 2021. Remarkably, every one of the top 10 posts was authored by a different contributor, including one from Center faculty affiliate Jeff Swanson, two from Center research assistants, one from the Center’s research affiliate Kat Albrecht, and four others by guest experts. The top 15 include posts by 12 different writers, including scholars in fields as diverse as linguistics, behavioral sciences, history, and philosophy. It also includes four authors who were pursuing postgraduate degrees—in law, history, and sociology.

This microcosm of the Center’s work demonstrates one of our core goals: to build the field of firearms law by bringing together new and established voices, facilitating inquiry into new topics, and fostering dialogue across disciplines.

  1. New York State Rifle & Pistol v. Bruen: The Basics by Jake Charles
  2. Lowering the Federal Minimum Age for Handgun Purchase from 21 to 18 is a Bad Decision by Jeff Swanson
  3. Parking Lot Laws: Their Content and Applicability by Dylan Jarrett
  4. Members of Congress Have Little Right to Bear Arms on Capitol Hill by Robert Leider
  5. The Continuing Relevance of the Saturday Night Special by Sam Wolter
  6. When Stand Your Ground Meets Blue Lives Matter by Darrell Miller
  7. Sixth Circuit Breaks from Other Circuits and Invalidates the Bump Stock Ban by Dru Stevenson
  8. Heller Survives the Corpus by William Baude
  9. Why Heller is Such Bad History by Noah Shusterman
  10. Data Transparency & The Disparate Impact of the Felony Murder Rule by Kat Albrecht
  11. Observations Regarding the Interpretation and Legacy of the Statute of Northampton in Anglo-American Legal History by Jonah Skolnik
  12. Amy Coney Barrett on Guns by Jake Charles
  13. The ‘Strange’ Syntax of the Second Amendment by Kari Sullivan
  14. It is Morally Permissible for Christians to Carry Firearms by Timothy Hsiao
  15. Strict Gun Laws Likely Saved Lives During the Capitol Insurrection by Jake Charles