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The Municipal Code of St. Louis (St. Louis: Woodward 1901), p.738, Sec. 1471

| | 1892

Chapter 18. Of Misdemeanors.

Sec. 1471. Concealed weapons - carrying of, prohibited.

Hereafter it shall not be lawful for any person to wear under his clothes, or concealed about his person, any pistol or revolver, colt, billy, slung sh...

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An Ordinance in the Revision of the Ordinances Governing the City of Kansas (Kansas City, MO; Isaac P. Moore’s Book and Job, 1880), p. 264, Sec. 3

| | 1880

Chapter XXXIV. Public Safety. . . .

Sec. 3. No person shall, in this city, wear under his clothes or concealed about his person, any pistol or revolver, except by special permission from the Mayor; nor shall any person wear under his clothes, o...

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Tower Grove Park of the City of St. Louis, Rules and Regulations, 117 (1883)

| | 1883

In accordance with the authority conferred by the Act creating Tower Grove Park, the Board of Commissioners have adopted the following rules and regulations:

All persons are forbidden . . . 4. To carry firearms or to throw stones or other missi...

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The Revised Ordinance of the City of St. Louis 635 (1881) (Article XI, § 3)

| | 1881

SEC. 3.  No person shall throw from his hand any fragment of stone, wood, metal or other missile capable of inflicting injury, in any street, alley, walk or park of the city of St. Louis, or use or have in his possession ready for use in any street, a...

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1921 Mo. Laws 691, 692

| | 1921

Section 1. Pistol, revolver or firearms to be plainly marked. No wholesaler or dealer therein shall have in his possession for the purpose of sale, or shall sell, any pistol, revolver, or other firearm of a size which may be concealed upon the person, ...

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Joplin Code of 1917, Art. 67, § 1201. Weapons; Deadly.

, , | | 1917 If any person shall carry concealed upon or about his person a dangerous or deadly weapon of any kind or description, or shall go into any church or place where people have assembled for religious worship, or into any school room or place where people are...

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Militia, in Henry S. Geyer, Digest of the Laws of Missouri Territory, at 281 (1818).

| | 1818

Each militia man shall provide himself, with-in one month from the date of his enrollment with a good musket, a sufficient bayonet and belt, or a fusil, two spare flints, a knapsack and pouch with a box there-in to contain twentyfour cartridges suited ...

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1929 Mo. Laws 170, Crimes and Punishment, Prohibiting the Sale, Delivery, Transportation, Possession, or Control of Machine Rifles, Machine Guns and Sub-machine Guns, and Providing Penalty for Violation of Law, §§ 1-2.

| | 1929

§ 1. Unlawful to sell, deliver, transport or have in possession any machine gun. – It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, deliver, transport, or have in actual possession or control any machine gun, or assist in, or cause the same to b...

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1923 Mo. Laws 241-42, An Act to Provide the Exercise of the Police Powers of the State by and through Prohibiting the Manufacture, Possession, Transportation, Sale and Disposition of Intoxicating Liquors. . .§ 17.

| | 1923

Any person, while in charge of, or a passenger thereon, who shall carry on his person, or in, on, or about, any wagon, buggy, automobile, boat, aeroplane, or other conveyance or vehicle whatsoever, in, or upon which any intoxicating liquor, including w...

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1913 Mo. Laws 437, Municipal Corporations: Cities of the Second Class, § 8, pt. 61.

| | 1913

To regulate the use and storage of explosives – To regulate, restrain and prevent the discharge of firearms, fireworks, rockets or other explosive materials and substances in the city and to regulate the keeping, storage and use of powder, dynami...

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1909 Mo. Laws 165, Cities, Towns and Villages: Cities of the First Class, § 55, pt. 50 (L).

| | 1909

To direct and prohibit the management of houses for the storing of gunpowder and other combustibles and dangerous materials within the city; to regulate the keeping and conveying the same; and the use of candles and other lights in stables and other li...

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1907 Mo. Laws 229, An Act to Amend Article 3, Chapter 15, Revised Statutes of Missouri, 1899, Relating to Offenses Against Public and Private Property by Adding Two New Sections, to Be Known as Sections 1890a and 1890b, § 1.

| | 1907

. . . A person who with the intent to commit some crime, breaks and enters any building in the night time, and, for the purpose of committing any crime, uses or attempts to use nitro-glycerine, dynamite, gunpowder, or any other high explosive is guilty...

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1905 Mo. Laws 161, An Act Relating to the Preservation, Propagation and Protection of Game Animals, Birds and Fish, Creating the Office of Game and Fish Warden, Creating a Game Protection Fund, and Appropriating Money Therefrom, § 11.

| | 1905

Any person who, in the pursuit of any wild duck, goose, brant, or other aquatic bird, upon the waters of this state, shall use any sneak boat, or any sail boat, or boat propelled by steam, naptha, electric or other engine or machinery, or any battery, ...

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An Ordinance in Revision of the Ordinances of the City of DeSoto, Jefferson Co., State of Missouri, and for the Government of Said City Page 52, Image 59 (1888) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1888

[Ordinances of the City of DeSoto,] § 217. Whenever there shall be found upon the person of anyone who has been found guilty of a breach of the peace, or of conduct calculated to provoke a breach of the peace, any slung shot, pistol, or knuckles o...

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Chester H. Krum, Reviser, The Revised Ordinance City of St. Louis. No. 17188. Approved April 7, 1893 Page 885, Image 894 (1895) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1887

Ordinances of the City of St. Louis. Minors – Conditions of Sale to, of Ammunition. – No person shall sell to any child under the age of sixteen years, without the written consent of the parents or guardian of such child, any cartridge of f...

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1883 Mo. Laws 76, An Act To Amend Section 1274, Article 2, Chapter 24 Of The Revised Statutes Of Missouri, Entitled “Of Crimes And Criminal Procedure,” § 1.

, , | | 1883

If any person shall carry concealed, upon or about his person, any deadly or dangerous weapon, or shall go into any church or place where people have assembled for religious worship, or into any school room or place where people are assembled for educa...

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