1778 N.J. Laws 45, 2d. General Assembly, An Act for the Regulating, Training and Arraying of the Militia, ch. 21, § 11.

  • Year:
  • 1778

That every Person enrolled shall constantly keep himself furnished with a good Musket, well fitted with a Bayonet, Steel Ramrod and Worm, a Cartridge-box, twenty three Rounds of Cartridges sized to his Musket, a Priming-wire, Brush and twelve Flints, a Knapsack and Canteen under the Forfeiture of Six Shillings for the Want of a Musket, and One Shilling for the Want of the other Articles whenever called out to Training or Service, to be recovered and applied as herein after is directed: Provided always, That if any Person be furnished as aforesaid, with a good Rifle Gun, the Apparatus necessary for the same, and a Tomahawk, it shall be accepted in Lieu of a Musket and the Bayonet, and other Articles belonging thereto.