1786 N.Y. Laws 220, An Act to Regulate the Militia, ch. 25.

  • Year:
  • 1786

That every able-bodied male person, being a citizen of this State, or of any of the United States, and residing in this State, (except such persons as are herein after excepted) and who are of the age of sixteen, and under the age of forty-five years, shall, by the captain or commanding officer of the beat in which such citizens shall reside, within four months after the passing of this act, be enroled [sic] in the company of such beat. . . . That every citizen so enroled [sic] and notified shall within three months thereafter provide himself at his own expence with a good musket or firelock, a sufficient bayonet and belt[,] a pouch with a box therein to contain not less than twenty four cartridges suited to the bore of his musket or firelock, each cartridge containing a proper quantity of powder and ball, two spare flints, a blanket and knapsack[.]