1832 Del. Laws 208, A Supplement to an Act to Prevent the Use of Firearms by Free Negroes and Free Mulattoes, and for Other Purposes, chap. 176, § 1.

  • Year:
  • 1832

. . . it shall not be lawful for free negroes and free mulattoes to have, own, keep or possess any gun, pistol, sword or any warlike instruments whatsoever: Provided however, that if upon application of any such free negro or free mulatto to one of the justices of the peace of the county in which such free negro or free mulatto resides, it shall satisfactorily appear upon the written certificate of five or more respectable and judicious citizens of the neighborhood, that such free negro or free mulatto is a person of fair character, and that the circumstances of his case justify his keep and using a gun, then and in every such case it shall and may be lawful for such justice to issue a license or permit under his hand and authorizing such free negro or free mulatto to have use and keep in his posession a gun or fowling piece.