DEL. REV. STAT tit. 10, ch. 73, § 27 (1852).

  • Year:
  • 1852

"SEC. 27. The members of council shall constitute the legislative body of said city, and shall be denominated, when assembled, the city council. The city council shall have power to enact ordinances to preserve the health of the city, and to prevent the introduction of infectious, or contagious diseases (for which purpose its jurisdiction shall extend to any distance within one mile of the limits of the city), and in such ordinances may organize a board of health for said city, which board shall be invested with all the powers and authorities which the council might, or could exercise relative to the object of their institution. Of this board, or of the city council, when sitting as a board of health, the health officer of the city shall always be a member, but shall enjoy no other right in the decision of any case that may come before said board, or council, than any other member thereof. The city council may also pass ordinances to define and remove nuisances; to ascertain and fix the boundaries of streets, squares, lanes, and alleys; or to repair and amend the same, and provide for the paving thereof... provide for the weighing of hay, and for the measuring, or weighing, of coal, lime, grain, or any other matter sold in the said city; to regulate the storage of gunpowder, or any other dangerously combustible matter. They shall have power to lay and collect fines on the owners, or harborers, of any dog, or hog, which may be found at large in any of the streets, lanes, or alleys, of the city aforesaid. They shall have the power to appoint and commission constables who shall possess like powers, within the said city, as are possessed by the constables of the aforesaid county of New Castle, and in general shall have power to do all those matters and things, for the well being of the said city, which shall not be in contravention of any existing laws of this State, or the constitution thereof."

Full Text: 1852, DE, tit. 10, ch. 73, § 27

Revised Statutes: The State of Delaware, to the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Two, Inclusive: To Which Are Added the Constitutions of the United States and of This State: The Declaration of Independence: And an Appendix; &c, &c. (Dover, DE: Samuel Kimmey, 1852), 215–216. Title Tenth—Of Corporations, Chapter 73—Of the city of Wilmington, § 27. (Undated.)