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1866 Ga. Laws 27-28, An Act to Authorize the Justices of the Inferior Courts of Camden, Glynn and Effingham Counties to Levy a Special Tax for County Purposes, and to regulate the same, §§ 3-4.



§ 1. . . . collect a tax of two dollars per head on each and every dog over the number of three, and one dollar a piece on every gun or pistol, musket or rifle over the number of three kept or owned on any plantation in the counties aforesaid; the said tax to be applied to such county purposes as the said courts shall direct. § 2. That the owner of every plantation in said counties shall be required to render, upon oath, a full return of every dog, gun, pistol, musket, or rifle so held or kept as aforesaid, and shall be held responsible for the tax imposed upon them, which tax the said Inferior Courts are hereby authorized and empowered to enforce, as in other cases.