1870 Haw. Sess. Laws 26, An Act to License the Carrying of Fowling Pieces and Other Fire-arms, chap. 20, §§ 1 to 3.

  • Year:
  • 1870

"§ 1. That the Minister of the Interior may at any time license for a term of one year, any applicant for such license to use and carry fire-arms for sporting purposes, in the District of Kona, Island of Oahu, on receiving for such license the sum of Five Dollars. § 2. Any person in said District who shall use or carry for sporting purposes, any gun, carbine, rifle, pistol, or other fire-arms, without having at first obtained a license as hereinbefore provided, shall, upon conviction therefor, before any Police or District Justice, be fined in a sum not to exceed Fifty Dollars for every such offense, and in default of payment of such sum, shall be imprisoned at hard labor, until such fine and costs are paid, according to law. § 3. All such licenses shall be signed by the Minister of the Interior, numbered according to their respective dates and impressed with the seal of his Department, and no such license shall be transferable."