1893 Fla. Laws 71-72, An Act to Regulate the Carrying of Firearms, chap. 4147, §§ 1-4.

  • Year:
  • 1898

§ 1. That in each and every county of this State, it shall be unlawful to carry or own a Winchester or other repeating rifle or without first taking out a license from the County Commissioner of the respective counties, before such persons shall be at liberty to carry around with him on his person and in his manual possession such Winchester rifle or other repeating rifle. § 2. The County Commissioners of the respective counties in this State may grant such licenses at any regular or special meeting. § 3. The person taking out such license shall give a bond running to the Governor of the State in the sum of one hundred dollars, conditioned on the proper and legitimate use of the gun with sureties to be approved by the County Commissioners, and at the same time there shall by kept by the County Commissioners granting the same a record of the name of the person taking out such license, the name of the maker of the firearm so licensed to be carried and the caliber and number of the same. § 4. All persons violating the provisions of Section 1 of this Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding sixty days.