1905 Fla. Laws 87, An Act to Amend Sections . . . of the Revised Statutes of 1892, Relating to Breaking and Entering a Dwelling House. . ., Chap. 5411, § 2434.

  • Year:
  • 1905

Whoever breaks and enters a dwelling house or any building or structure within the curtilage of a dwelling house, though not forming a part thereof, with intent to commit a felony, or after having entered with such intent, breaks such dwelling house or entering other building or structure aforesaid; If he be armed with a dangerous weapon, or have with him any nitroglycerine, dynamite, gunpowder or other high explosive, at the time of breaking and entering, or if he arm himself with a dangerous weapon or take into his possesion such high explosive within such building, or if he make an assault upon any person lawfully therein, shall be punished by imprisonment in the State prison for life or for such term of years as may be determined by the court.