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1905 Ind. Acts 687–88, Weapon—Carrying Dangerous § 449.





Every person, not being a traveler, who shall wear or carry any dirk, pistol, bowie-knife, dagger, sword in cane or any other dangerous or deadly weapon concealed, or who shall carry or wear any such weapon openly, with the intent or avowed purpose of injuring his fellowman, shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars. Any such weapon which upon arrest upon this charge shall be found upon the person of such arrested person shall be taken by the officer making such arrest, and unless such officer be the sheriff, such weapon shall be deposited with such sheriff, and in every instance such weapon shall be held by the sheriff subject to the final order of the court thereupon. In case the arrested person be found guilty of violating this statute by wearing or carrying such concealed weapon there shall be entered as part of the judgment of conviction of said crime an order to the sheriff directing the destruction of such weapon by the justice, mayor, city judge or judge of the criminal or circuit court before whom or in whose court such cause is pending, and the sheriff shall execute the same in the manner and at the time fixed by such order. Any person three times convicted within any period of two years of committing any of the offenses defined in this section shall upon such third conviction be imprisoned in the state prison not more than one year.