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1905 Minn. Laws 620, An Act for the Preservation, Propogation, Protection, Taking, Use and Transportation of Game and Fish, and Certain Harmless Birds and Animals, ch. 344, § 53.




State Parks – No person shall pursue, hunt, take, catch, or kill any wild bird or animal of any kind within the limits of any territory set apart, designated used or maintained as a state public park, or within one-half mile of the outer limits thereof or have any such bird or animal or any part thereof in his possession or under his control within said park or within one-half mile of said outer limits. No person shall have in his possession within any such park or within one-half mile of the outer limits thereof, any gun, revolver, or other firearm unless the same is unloaded, and except after the same has been sealed by the park commissioner or a deputy appointed by him, and except such gun or other firearm at all times during which it may be lawfully had in such park remains so sealed and unloaded. Upon application to the park commissioner or any deputy appointed by him, it is hereby made his duty to securely seal any gun or firearm in such manner that it cannot be loaded or discharged without breaking such seal. The provisions of this section shall apply to all persons including Indians.