1917 Cal. Sess. Laws 221-225, An act relating to and regulating the carrying, possession, sale or other disposition of firearms capable of being concealed upon the person; prohibiting the possession, carrying, manufacturing and sale of certain other dangerous weapons and the giving, transferring and disposition thereof to other persons within this state; providing for the registering of the sales of firearms; prohibiting the carrying or possession of concealed weapons in municipal corporations; providing for the destruction of certain dangerous weapons as nuisances and making it a felony to use or attempt to use certain dangerous weapons against another, §§ 3-4.

  • Year:
  • 1917

SEC. 3. Every person who carries in any city, city and county, town or municipal corporation of this state any pistol, revolver, or other firearm concealed upon his person, without having a license to carry such firearm as hereinafter provided in section six of this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and if he has been convicted previously of any felony, or of any crime made punishable by this act, he is guilty of a felony.
SEC 4. The unlawful possessing or carrying of any of the instruments, weapons, or firearms enumerated in section one to section three inclusive of this act, by any person other than those authorized and empowered to carry or possess the same as hereinafter provided, is a nuisance, and such instruments, weapons or firearms are hereby declared to be nuisances, and when any of said articles shall be taken from the possession of any person the same shall be surrendered to the magistrate before whom said person shall be taken, except that in any city, city and county, town or other municipal corporation the same shall be surrendered to the head of the police force, or police department thereof. The officers to whom the same may be so surrendered, except upon certificate of a judge of a court of record, or of the district attorney of any county that the preservation thereof is necessary or proper to the ends of justice, shall proceed at such time or times as he deemds proper, and at least once in each year to destroy or cause to be destroyed such instruments, weapons, or other firearms in such manner and to such extent that the same shall be and become wholly and entirely ineffective and useless for the purpose for which it was manufactured.