1921 Fla. Laws 307, An Act to Protect the Birds and Wild Life of the County of Orange and State of Florida and to Prevent the Hunting of Same During the Closed Season, ch. 8781, § 2.

  • Year:
  • 1921

That any person carrying a gun in the woods, field, or on the water such as is generally used for hunting game or having in his or her possession such gun in the woods, fields, or in the water of Orange County during the closed season as prescribed by the general Game Laws of the State of Florida visible from January 31st to November 20th following each year, shall be considered in violation of the Game Laws of Florida subject to arrest, fine, and imprisonment, or both; Provided, however, that the above Act in nowise prevent any person from killing such birds or animals in his or her own community where crops or property is being destroyed by birds or animals.