1923 Cal. Stat. 696, An Act to Control and Regulate the Possession, Sale and Use of Pistols, Revolvers, and Other Firearms Capable of Being Concealed Upon the Person; To Prohibit the Manufacture, Sale, Possession or Carrying of Certain Other Dangerous Weapons Within this State; To Provide for Registering All Sales of Pistols, Revolvers or Other Firearms Capable of Being Concealed Upon the Person; To Prohibit the Carrying of Concealed Firearms Except by Lawfully Authorized Persons; To Provide for the Confiscation and Destruction of Such Weapons in Certain Cases; To Prohibit the Ownership, Use or Possession of Any of Such Weapons by Certain Classes of Persons; To Prescribe Penalties for Violations of This Act and Increased Penalties for Repeated Violations Hereof; To Authorize, In Proper Cases, The Granting of Licenses or Permits to Carry Firearms Concealed Upon the Person; To Provide for Licensing Retail Dealers in Such Firearms and Regulating Sales Thereunder; And To Repeal Chapter One Hundred Forty-Five of California Statutes of 1917, Relating to the Same Subject, ch. 339, § 3.

  • Year:
  • 1923

Sec. 3. If any person shall commit or attempt to commit any felony within this state while armed with any of the weapons mentioned in section one hereof or while armed with any pistol, revolver or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person, without having a license or permit to carry such firearm as hereinafter provided, upon conviction of such felony, he shall in addition to the punishment prescribed for the crime of which he has been convicted, be punishable by imprisonment om a state prison for not less than five nor more than ten years...