1923 Conn. Pub. Acts 3707, An Act Concerning the Possession, Sale and Use of Pistols and Revolvers, ch. 252, § 3.

  • Year:
  • 1923

The chief of police or, where there shall be no chief of police, the warden of the borough of the first selectman of the town, as the case may be, may, upon the application of any person, issue a permit in such form as may be prescribed by the superintendent of state police for the sale at retail of pistols and revolvers within the jurisdiction of the authority issuing such permit. Upon the application of any person having a bona fide residence or place of business within the jurisdiction of any such authority or, upon the application of any bona fide resident of the United States having a permit or license to carry any firearm issued by the authority of any state or sub-division of the United States, such chief of police, warden or selectmen may issue a permit to such person to carry a pistol or revolver within the jurisdiction of the authority issuing the same, provided such authority shall find that such applicant intends to make no use of the pistol or revolver thereunder other than a proper use and that such person is a suitable person to receive such permit. The superintendent of state police may, upon application, issue to any holder of any permit to carry any pistol or revolver hereinbefore provided for, a permit to carry a pistol or a revolver within the state . . . .