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1927 Md. Laws 156, § 388-B.




That not person, persons house, company, association or body corporate, shall deposit, keep or have in his, her, their or its possession any spirituous or fermented liquors, or intoxicating drinks of any kind whatsoever, or any article used or sold as a beverage in the composition of which, whiskey, brandy, high wines or alcoholic, spirituous or fermented liquors shall be an ingredient or ingredients, in any automobile or other vehicle in which any device for the prevention or arrest or apprehension of said motor vehicle, or the occupants thereof of the type commonly known as a smoke screen is carried, whether the said device be attached as a part of said motor vehicle in which any gun, pistol, revolver, rifle machine gun, or other dangerous or deadly weapon of any kind whatsoever is carried, whether in said automobile or vehicle, or on the person of any occupant of the same.