1931 Ill. Laws 452-53, An Act to Regulate the Sale, Possession and Transportation of Machine Guns, §§ 1-2.

  • Year:
  • 1931

§ 1. For purposes of this Act the term “machine gun” apples to and includes all firearms commonly known as machine rifles, machine guns and sub-machine guns of any calibre whatsoever, capable of automatically discharging more than eight cartridges successively without reloading, in which the ammunition is fed to such gun from or by means of clips, disks, belts, or other separable mechanical device. The term “manufacturer” shall apply to and include all persons dealing with machine guns as merchandise. § 2. It is unlawful for any person to sell, keep or offer for sale, loan or give away, purchase, possess, carry or transport any machine gun within this State, except that 1. Sheriffs, constables, marshals, police officers and other duly appointed peace officers may purchase, possess, carry and transport machine guns. 2. The provisions of this Act shall not apply to the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States, the National Guard, and organizations authorized by law to purchase or receive machine guns from the United States, or from this State, and the members of such Corps, National Guard and organizations while on duty, may possess, carry and transport machine guns. 3. Persons, organizations or institutions possessing war relics may purchase and possess machine guns which are relics of any war in which the United States was involved, may exhibit and carry such machine guns in the parades of any military organization, and may sell, offer to sell, loan or give such machine guns to other persons, organizations or institutions possessing war relics. 4. Guards or messengers employed by common carriers, banks and trust companies, and pay-roll guards or messengers may possess and carry machine guns while actually employed in and about the shipment, transportation or delivery, or in the guarding of any money, treasure, bullion, bonds or other thing of value, and their employers may purchase or receive machine guns and keep them in their possession when such guns are not being used by such guards or messengers 5. Manufacturers and merchants may sell, keep or offer for sale, loan or give away, purchase, possess and transport, machine guns, in the same manner as other merchandise except as hereinafter provided, and common carriers may possess and transport unloaded machine guns, as other merchandise.