20 Ric. 2, 93, ch. 1 (1396)

  • Year:
  • 1396

First, whereas in a Statute made the Seventh Year of the Reign of the King that now is, it is ordained and assented, That no Man shall ride armed within the Realm, against the form of the Statute of Northampton thereupon made, nor with Launcegays within the same Realm, and that the said Launcegays shall by utterly put out within the said Realm, as a Thing prohibited by the King, upon Pain of Forfeiture of the same Launcegays, Armours, or any other Harness, in the Hands and Possession of them that bear them, form henceforth within the same Realm against the same Statutes and Ordinances without the King's special License. Our Lord the King, considering the great clamour made to him in this present Parliament, because that the said Statute is not holden, hath ordained and established in the said Parliament, That the said Statutes shall be fully holden and kept, and duly executed; and that the said Launcegayes shall be clear put out upon the Pain contained in the said Statute of Northampton, and also to make Fine and Ransom to the King. And moreover, that no Lord, Knight nor other, little nor great, shall go nor ride by Night nor by Day armed, nor bear [Sallet] nor Skull of Iron, nor [of] other Armour, upon the pain aforesaid; save and except the King's Officers and Ministers in doing their Office. And Moreover, the King will and hath ordained, that the statute made the First Year of his Reign, of Liveries of Hats, shall be holden and kept upon the pain contined in the same Statute, and upon Pain to be imprisoned, and make Fine and Ransom of the King.