26 Hen. 8, c. 6, § 3 (1534)

  • Year:
  • 1534

And also be it enacted by authority aforesaid, that no person or persons dwelling or residing within Wales or the Lordship marches of the same, of what estate degree or condition so ever he or they be of, coming, resorting or repairing unto any Sessions or Court to be holden within Wales or any Lordship marches of the same, shall bring or bear or cause to be brought or borne, to the same sessions or court or to any place within the distance of two miles from the same Sessions or Court, nor to any town, church, fair, market, or other congregation, except it be upon a hue or outcry made of any felony robbery done or perpetrated, nor in the highways in affray of the King's peace or the King's liege people, any bill, longbow, crossbow, handgun, sword, staff, dagger, halberd, morespike, spear, or any other manner of weapon, privy coat of armor defense; upon pain of forfeiture of the same weapon, privy coat or armor, and to suffer imprisonment and make fine and ransom to the King's Highness by the discretion of the King's Commissioners of his Marches for the time being; except it be by the command, license or assent of the said Justices, Steward or other Officer of the Commissioners or counsel of the Marches for the time being.