7 Edw. 2, 170 (1313)

  • Year:
  • 1313

The King [to the Justices of his Bench,] sendeth Greeting, Whereas of late before certain Persons deputed to treat upon sundry debates had between Us and certain great Men of our Realm, amongst other things it was accorded, That in our next Parliament after, Provisoin [shall] be made by Us, and the common assent of the prelates, Earls, and Barons, that in all Parliaments, [Treatises,] and other assemblies, which should be made in the Realm of England [ for ever] that every Man shall come without all Force and Armour, well and peaceably, to the Honour of Us, and the Peace of Us and our Realm; and now in our next Parliament at Westminster, after the said Treatise, the Prelates, Earls, Barons, and the Commonalty of our Realm, there assembled [to take] Advice of this Business, have said, that to us it belongeth, and our part is, through our Royal Seigniory, straitly to defend [Force] of Armour, and all other Force against our Peace, at all Times when it shall please Us, and to punish them which shall do contrary, according tou [our] Laws and Usages of our Realm; and (") hereunto they are bound to aid Us as their Sovereign Lord at all Seasons, when need shall be: We command you, that ye cause these thangs to be read afore you in the said [Bench,"] and there to be enrolled. Given at Westminster, the thirtieth day of October. *Note* text in brackets in original.