Act of March 23, 1935, ch. 172, §§ 1-4, Wash. Sess. Laws 599, 599.

[S. B. 147.]

An Act relating to short firearms and other weapons; defining terms; regulating the sale, possession and use thereof; providing for certain licenses and fixing fees; defining certain crimes and prescribing penalties.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Washington:
        Section 1. 'Short Firearm' as used in this act means any firearm with a barrel less than twelve (12) inches in length.
'Crime of Violence' as used in this act means any of the following crimes or an attempt to commit any of the same: Murder, manslaughter, rape, mayhem, first degree assault, robbery, burglary and kidnapping.
        SEC. 2. Committing Crime When Armed. If any person shall commit or attempt to commit a crime of violence when armed with a pistol, he may in addition to the punishment provided for the crime, be punished also as provided by this act.
        SEC. 3. Being Armed Prima Facie Evidence of Intent. In the trial of a person for committing or attempting to commit a crime of violence, the fact that he was armed with a pistol and had no license to carry the same shall be prima facie evidence of his intention to commit said crime of violence.
        SEC. 4. Certain Persons Forbidden to Possess Arms. No person who has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a crime of violence, shall own a pistol or have one in his possession or under his control."

Full Text: 1909, WA, Session Laws of the State of Washington, ch. 172, §§ 1-4

Ernest N. Hutchinson and G. W. Hamilton, eds., Session Laws of the State of Washington Twenty-fourth Session Convened January 14, Adjourned March 14, 1935 (Olympia, WA: State Printing Plant, 1935), 599. Chapter 172 [S. B. 147.]—An Act Relating to Short Firearms and Other Weapons; Defining Terms; Regulating the Sale, Possession and Use Thereof; Pro­viding for Certain Licenses and Fixing Fees; Defining Certain Crimes and Prescribing Penalties, §§ 1-4. Passed the Senate February 26, 1935; Passed the House March 14, 1935; Approved by the Governor March 23, 1935.