An Act to Prevent Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors for the Purpose of Drinking, no. 24, § 15, 1852 Vt. Acts & Resolves 19, 25 (E. P. Walton & Son 1852).

  • Year:
  • 1852

    "Sec. 15. It shall be the duty of any sheriff, sheriff's deputy, constable, selectman, or grand juror, if he shall have information that any intoxicating liquor is kept or sold in any tent, shanty, hut or place of any kind for selling refreshments in any public place, except dwelling houses, on or near the ground of any cattle show, agricultural exhibition, military muster or public occasion of any kind, to search such suspected place without warrant, and if such officer shall find upon the premises any intoxicating liquor, he shall seize and apprehend the keeper or keepers of such place, and take them, with the liquor so found and seized, forthwith, or as soon as conveniently may be, before some justice of the peace of the town in which the same was found ; and thereupon such officer shall make a written complaint under oath, and subscribed by him, to such justice ; and upon proof that such liquor is intoxicating, that the same was found in the possession of the accused, in a tent, shanty, or other place as aforesaid, he or they shall be sentenced to imprisonment, in the county jail of the county where such offence was committed, for thirty days, and the liquor so seized shall be destroyed by order of said justice, as provided in the twelfth section of this act ; and if any person, apprehended under this section and sentenced as aforesaid, shall claim an appeal, before his appeal is allowed, he shall recognize, with good and sufficient sureties, in the sum of one hundred dollars, that he will prosecute his said appeal to effect, and pay all fines and costs, and suffer such penalty as may be awarded against him. And if he is convicted upon such appeal, he shall, in addition to the penalty imposed by such justice, pay a fine of ten dollars to the town where said liquor was seized as aforesaid. And any person resisting an officer in the execution of his duties under this or any other section of this act, shall be liable to the same penalties as are provided by law for resisting a sheriff in the execution of legal process."

1852, VT, An Act to Prevent Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors for the Purpose of Drinking, §15

The Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont at the October Session, 1852 (Montpelier, VT: E. P. Walton & Son, 1852), 25. Acts & Resolves, Number 24—An Act to Prevent Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors for the Purpose of Drinking, §15. Approved November 23, 1852.