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Alexander Edwards, Ordinances of the City Council of Charleston, in the State of South-Carolina, Passed since the Incorporation of the City, Collected and Revised Pursuant to a Resolution of the Council Page 153, Image 156 (1802) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Ordinances of Charleston, An Ordinance to Revise and Amend an Ordinance Respecting Fires in the City of Charleston, and for other Purposes Therein Mentioned, § 5. And be it further Ordained by the Authority Aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the fire-masters to enter into the houses, out-houses, stables and yards of every owner or tenant of the same in Charleston, wherever they shall see occasion and enquire, search, and examine if any quantities of gun-powder ,hay, straw, fodder, pitch, tar, rosin, turpentine, hemp, oil, tallow, or other combustible matter, are lodged in any such place within the said city, which may be in danger of taking fire; and if the said fire-masters shall find there is apparent danger that fire may be communicated by such combustibles, they shall admonish the owner or the tenant of such house or houses, to remove the same, and in case such person or persons shall refuse or neglect to remove the same, within twelve hours from such notice being given, the said fire masters are hereby empowered, and directed, to cause the same to be removed and lodged in some more secure place, at the charge of such owner or tenant, and shall issue a warrant, under the hands and seals of any three, or more of them, and levy the expenses of the same and fine of thirty dollars for every such offense.