An Act For the better ordering of the Militia of this Province, § 19 Savannah, GA (25 March, 1765).

  • Year:
  • 1765

"And be it further Enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That in case any person who shall be obliged to bear arms, whilst the regiment, troop, or company, to which he shall belong, shall be under arms, or in array, shall neglect or refuse to fire his gun not exceeding six times each muster day, or shall wilfully neglect or refuse to do his duty, or to obey the other lawful commands of his officer, or if any such militia-man be drunk at the time of his exercising, the majority of the officers of the troop or company to which such person belongs, if the offence shall be committed in a single troop or company, or any two field officers of the regiment to which such person shall belong, if the offence shall be committed in a regiment, shall have full power and authority to inflict on the person so offending any pecuniary mulct not exceeding ten shillings Sterling[.]"

1765, GA, An Act for the Better Ordering of the Militia of this Province, §19

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