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An Act to prevent the disposing of Arms, and other Warlike Implements, and Ammunition to Indians and others, in Laws of the Indiana Territory, Printed by Authority, and under the inspection of the Committee (Stout & Smoot, Printers to the Territory, 1807).

“[T]he Executive of the Territory for the time being, be, and he is hereby authorised and empowered by proclamation to prohibit the furnishing by sale, gift, or otherwise, all, & every species of war-like weapons, and impliments; ammunition or warlike stores, to any Indian or Indians, dwelling within, or without the limits or lines of the federal counties in thie Territory, when in his opinion the publick [sic] welfare and safety may require such prohibition. And be it further enacted, that any person or persons, who shall directly or indirectly, by gift, present, donation, loan, sale or otherwise furnish and provide, or have furnished and provided any Indian or Indians, with any article of ammunition, such as flints, powder ,lead or balls, or with any warlike impliments or deadly weapons, such as knives, spears, battle aces, tome-hawks, pistols, [susils, rifles, smooth bores, or muskets, contrary to the proclamation of the Executive, as aforesaid, every person or persons, so offending, shall, upon conviction by indictment or presentment, in any court of record in this Territory, be fined in any sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, be whipped publickly [sic], any number of stripes, not exceeding one hundred well laid on, and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding five years, at the discretion of the court before whom the same may be tried, and moreover, shall stand committed, after having received the stripes, until the fine and costs be paid.”