An Ordinance Concerning Slaves, and Free Negroes and Mulattos, § 1, ARKANSAS GAZETTE, Jan. 12, 1836, at 1 (Little Rock, Arkansas).

"AN ORDINANCE concerning Slaves, and free Negroes and Mulattos.
SEC. 1. Be it ordained by the Common Council of the City of Little Rock, That no slave or free negro or mulatto whatsoever shall keep or carry, within the limits of said City, any gun, pistol or other fire arm of any kind whatsoever, or any knife, dirk, club or any weapon of offence or defence whatsoever, or any powder, balls or shot; and that any and every such weapon, and any and all such ammunition found in the possession or custody of any negro or mulatto, may be seized by any person, and upon motion before the City Court of said City, and due proof that such weapon or ammunition was so seized as aforesaid, it shall be forfeited to the seizor, and the fact so stated of record; and moreover it shall be the duty of the City Constable, when it shall come to his knowledge that any such weapon or ammunition is in possession of any negro or mulatto, to seize the same, and to take the said negro or mulatto in whose possession it is found, before the City Court, if in session, and if not, before some Justice of the Peace in said City, and upon conviction of said offence the said negro or mulatto shall receive thirty lashes on his or her bare back, well laid on, for every such offence; provided, that any free negro or mulatto who is a housekeeper within said City, may be allowed to keep one gun and ammunition therefor, by obtaining a license for that purpose from the City Court, which license may be granted upon giving bond and security for good behavior as in this ordinance hereinafter provided, and by paying to the City Treasurer the sum of five dollars for said license."
Full Text: 1836, AR, Arkansas Gazette, Jan. 12

"An Ordinance Concerning Slaves, and Free Negroes and Mulattos." Arkansas Gazette, January 12, 1836, p. 1. City Ordinances, An Ordinance Concerning Slaves, and Free Negroes and Mulattos, § 1.  Approved, December 19, 1835. Volume 17, Number 4.