An Ordinance Regulating the Carrying of Loaded Firearms in the City of Albany, Part 4, Ch. 72, §§ 1-5 in The Municipal Code of the City of Albany (1905).

"Sec. 1. Any person, other than a peace officer, who shall in any public street, highway, or place within the city of Albany, have or carry concealed upon his person any loaded pistol, revolver, or other firearm, without theretofore having been authorized as hereinafter provided to carry the same, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine not exceeding one hundred and fifty dollars, or by imprisonment in a penitentiary or county jail for not more than one hundred and fifty days, or by both.

Sec. 2.   Any person, except as provided in this ordinance, who has occasion to carry a loaded revolver, pistol, or firearm for his protection, may apply to the Commissioner of Public Safety—and such officer, if satisfied that the applicant is a proper and lawabiding person, shall give the said person a permit allowing him to carry such loaded firearms for such period of time as he may deem proper. Any nonnresident who does business in the city of Albany, and has occasion to carry a loaded pistol, revolver, or firearm while in the said city, must make application for permission to do so, to the Commissioner of Public Safety, in the same manner as is required of residents of said city, and shall be subject to the same conditions and restrictions.

Sec. 3.   If, at the time of arrest, a loaded pistol, revolver, or firearm of any description shall be found concealed on the person of the one arrested, the officer making the arrest shall state such fact to the magistrate before whom the prisoner is brought, and shall make a separate complaint against such prisoner, for violation of the provisions of this ordinance.

Sec. 4. The Commissioner of Public Safety is hereby authorized and empowered, for reason appearing to be satisfactory to him, to annul, or revoke any permission given under this ordinance. Every person to whom a permit shall be granted as above provided, shall pay therefor, the sum of two dollars and fifty cents; which shall be applied in aid of the Police Pension Fund; and a return in detail, shall be made monthly by the Commissioner of Public Safety, to the Comptroller of the City, of the amount so received and credited. All persons to whom such permission shall be granted are hereby declared to be individually responsible for their own acts, or the consequences that may arise from the use of loaded pistols, revolvers, or firearms, carried under the permission obtained as provided in this ordinance.

Sec. 5. All ordinances or parts of ordinances of the city of Albany, inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed."

1905, Albany, NY, Municipal Code of the City of Albany, Part 4, Ch. 72, §§ 1-5

Franklin M. Danaher and Charles H. Mills, eds., Municipal Code of the City of Albany, N.Y.: Containing the Dongan Charter, Second Class Cities' Law, the Unrepealed Portions of the Former City Charters, General and Special State Laws Applicable to the City of Albany and the General City Ordinances, Complete to September, 1910 (Albany, NY: The Brandow Printing Company, 1910), 849-850. Part 4—General Ordinances, Chapter 72—An ordinance regulating the carrying of loaded firearms in the City of Albany, §§ 1-5. Passed March 6, 1905.