Annual Message of the Mayor and Annual Reports of the City Controller, Commissioners of the Water and Lighting Department, City Engineer, Building Inspector, Sanitary Committee, Chief of Police, Superintendent of the fire and Police Alarm Telegraph, Chief Engineer of the Fire Department and Ordinances Passed and approved During the Session of 1895, of the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania., for the Year 1895 Page 180, Image 190 (Vol. 2, 1897) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources

  • Year:
  • 1895

Ordinances of Harrisburg, PA: An Ordinance Prohibiting the use of bow guns, air guns, cattys and sling shots, the playing of shinny or golf in the city of Harrisburg. § 1. Be it ordained by the Select and Common Councils of the city of Harrisburg, and it is hereby ordained by authority of the same, That any person who shall discharge any bow guns, air guns, sling shots, or play the game of catty, shinny or golf or any device dangerous to person or property, shall upon conviction thereof before the mayor or any alderman be fined not less than two nor more than twenty dollars, and in default of payment thereof be imprisoned not exceeding five days. § 3. That any person or persons found in possession of any bow gun, air gun, sling shot, or any device the use of which is dangerous to person or property, shall upon conviction thereof, before the mayor or any alderman, be subject to the same penalty as though discovered in the act of using the same.