Asa Fowler, The General Statutes of the State of New-Hampshire; to Which are Prefixed the Constitutions of the United States and of the State. With a Glossary and Digested Index Page 206, Image 227 (1867) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1854

Safe-Keeping of Gunpowder, § 1. The board of firewards, if any, or the selectmen of any town, may establish rules and regulations from time to time relative to the times and places at which gunpowder may be brought to or carried from such town, by land or water, and the time when and the manner in which the same may be transported through the same. § 2. Any two firewards, police officers, or selectmen may search any building in the compact part of any town, and any vessel lying in any port, in which they have cause to suspect that gunpowder in a greater quantity than twenty-five pounds is kept or stored; and in case a greater quantity shall be found, shall seize the same as forfeited. § 3. Any person who shall keep or knowingly suffer any quantity of gunpowder greater than twenty-five pounds to be kept or stored in any such building or vessel, or aid or assist in keeping or storing the same, or shall know that the same is so stored or kept, and shall not forthwith inform one of the firewards, police officers, or selectmen thereof, shall forfeit a sum not more than five dollars nor less than one dollar, for every day the same shall be so stored or kept.