By-Laws and Ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh, and the Acts of Assembly Relating Thereto; with Notes and References to Judicial Decisions Thereon, and an Appendix, Relating to Several Subjects Connected with the Laws and Police of the City Corporation Page 73, Image 75 (1828) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1816

[Ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh,] An Ordinance Containing Regulations as to Gun-Powder, § 1. That no shop-keeper or other person or persons, shall keep, at the same time, in any house, shop, cellar or warehouse, or other apartment, or in any boat within the said city, more than thirty pounds weight of gun-powder. § 2. That the aforesaid quantity of gun-powder allowed to be kept within the city, shall be deposited in a place by itself, separate from other goods and commodities, and shall be secured by lock and key, or in some other safe manner. § 3. That no person shall carry or convey in any dray, cart, wagon or other carriage, any greater quantity of gun-powder than thirty pounds weight, at any one time, in or through the city, without securing the same in a good bag or bags, or within a canvas or other safe covering completely around the said powder, sufficient to prevent the same from scattering from the said carriage. §4. That if any person or persons shall offend against or violate any of the sections contained in this ordinance, he, she or they, so offending, shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of fifty dollars.