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Charter of the City of Covington, and Amendments Thereto up to the Year 1864, and Ordinances of Said City, and Amendments Thereto, up to the Same Date Page 148-149, Image 148-149 (1864) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Ordinances of the City of Covington, An Ordinance Regulating the Sale of Powder in the City of Covington, § 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of Covington, That it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to erect, within the limits of the corporation, any powder magazine, or any other building for the purpose of storing gun powder in greater quantities than is hereinafter specified; and any person violating the provision of this section, shall, on conviction before the Mayor, forfeit and pay a fine of one hundred dollars, and ten dollars for every twenty-four hours said building shall be used or occupied for the storage of more than twenty-five pounds of powder. § 2. Be it further ordained, That it shall not be lawful for any person to keep, in storage or for sale, more than one hundred pounds of powder in any one house in said city, at any one time: and that amount, or any part thereof, shall be securely and carefully kept, and closed up in a good and sufficient safe, so that it can not by any means be exposed. A violation of this section shall subject the person to a fine, on conviction, of five dollars for every offense. § 3. Be it further ordained, That no person or persons shall sell, or keep for sale, in said city, any gun powder without having first obtained a permission so to do from the Mayor of said city, who shall, before said license is granted, be fully assured and satisfied that the applicant has good and sufficient safes to keep powder in, in conformity with the second section of this ordinance; and when the Mayor is satisfied that the license may be granted, without too much risk to the community at large, he shall issue said license to the applicant, upon his paying into the City Treasury the sum of twenty dollars for one year’s license, and to the Mayor fifty cents, and to the City Clerk twenty-five cents, for their certificates. Any person who shall sell any gun powder in said city from and after the passage of this ordinance, without having first obtained a license therefor, shall, for each and every offense, forfeit, pay, on conviction, the sum of five dollars and costs.