City Ordinances of the City of Needles, ch. 4, art. 4, §§ 60-61, THE NEEDLES EYE, Nov. 29, 1913, at 2, 3 (Needles, California).

  • Year:
  • 1913


SEC. 60. If any person shall wear or carry concealed, any pistol, revolver, dirk, derringer, dagger, bowie-knife, razor, brass knuckles, slungshot, sand bag, or other dangerous or deadly weapon within the said City of Needles, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall in addition to the penalty therefore, also forfeit to said City of Needles the weapons so unlawfully worn or carried by him for which conviction is had, to be declared in such conviction.

SEC. 61. The provisions of the foregoing section, shall not apply to any person in actual service as a militiaman not to any peace officer, or person summoned to his aid, not to any revenue or other civil officer, engaged in the discharge of his duties, nor to the carrying of any of said arms on one’s premises or place of business, and the President of the Board of Trustees may grant a permit in writing to carry or wear any such weapon or weapons, when in his judgment a necessity exists for same, and stating therein the time for which permit is given and a copy of such permit shall be filed with the City Clerk within twenty-four hours from the time of giving the same."

Full Text (From The Needles Eye, Nov. 29, 1913

"City Ordinances of the City of Needles." The Needles Eye, November 29, 1913, p. 3.  Chapter 4, Article 4—Concealed Weapons, §§ 60-61. Approved November 28, 1913. Volume 25, Number 48. (Needles, California).