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Claude Waller, Digest of the Ordinances of the City of Nashville, to Which are Prefixed the State Laws Incorporating, and Relating to, the City, with an Appendix Containing Various Grants and Franchises Page 364-365, Image 372-373 (1893) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Ordinances of the City of Nashville, § 738. Every person found carrying a pistol, bowie-knife, dirk-knife, slung-shot, brass knucks, or other deadly weapon, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction of such first offense, shall be fined from ten to fifty dollars, at the discretion of the court; but, upon conviction of every subsequent offense, shall be fined fifty dollars; Provided, however, That no ordinary pocket-knife and common walking canes shall be construed to be deadly weapons. . . § 740. It is expressly understood that the provisions of the above sections, relating to carrying such deadly weapons, do not extend to police of other officers, or persons that are entitled by law to carry such deadly weapons; nor does it extend to the act of handling or moving such deadly weapons in any ordinary business way. § 741. All pistols, knives, and other weapons, the carrying of which upon the person is unlawful, which may be found upon the persons of individuals arrested by the metropolitan police, shall be seized by the captain of the metropolitan police, and shall be retained by him and forfeited to the Mayor and City Council, and shall, in no case, be returned to the individual from whom the same was taken or to any one claiming the same.