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Emlin A. McClain, Supplement to Mcclain’s Annotated Code and Statutes of the State of Iowa, Showing the General Public and Permanent acts of the Twenty-Third and Twenty-Fourth General Assemblies (1890 and 1892), with Notes of all Decisions Rendered between July, 1888, and October, 1892, with Reference to Iowa Statutes, or the Subjects Embraced Therein Page 306, Image 309 (1892) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.





5402g. Poisons or Explosives. 23 G.A., ch. 34, § 7. No person shall place in any of the waters of the state any lime, ashes, drug, or medicated bait or shoot any gun or use any dynamite, gun cotton, giant powder or other explosive or any electrical machine or device with the intent thereby to kill, injure, poison, stupefy or catch fish.