George S. Diossy, The Statute Law of the State of New York: Comprising the Revised Statutes and All Other Laws of General Interest, in Force January 1, 1881, Arranged Alphabetically According to Subjects Page 321, Image 324 (Vol. 1, 1881) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1881

Offenses Against Public Decency; Malicious Mischief, and Other Crimes not Before Enumerated, Concealed Weapons, § 9. Every person who shall within this state use, or attempt to use, or with intent to use against any other person, shall knowingly and secretly conceal on his person, or with like intent shall willfully and furtively possess any instrument or weapon of the kind commonly known as a slung-shot, billy, sand club or metal knuckles, and any dirk shall be deemed guilty of felony, and on conviction thereof may be punished by imprisonment in the state prison, or penitentiary or county jail, for a term not more than one year, or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment.