George W. Cothran, The Revised Statutes of the State of Illinois, Embracing All Laws of a General Nature in Force July 1, 1883, with Notes and References to Judicial Decisions Construing their Provisions Page 453, Image 512 (1884) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1879

Deadly Weapons, Disorderly Conduct. Disturbing the Peace. § 56. Whoever willfully disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood or family by loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous or offensive carriage threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenging to fight or fighting, or whoever shall carry concealed weapons, or in a threatening manner display any pistol, knife, slungshot, brass, steel or iron knuckles, or other deadly weapon, shall be fined nof exceeding one hundred dollars.