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J.C. Moreland, Charter and Ordinances of the City of Portland and Table of Grades: Together with the Rules of Order, Reports of officers, etc. Page 207, Image 212 (1879) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Ordinances [of the City of Portland], Concerning Offenses and Disorderly Conduct, § 2. The City of Portland does ordain as follows… That any person or persons who shall fire any pistol, gun or rifle, or any other species of fire-arms, within the corporate limits of the city, shall, on conviction thereof before the Police Court, be fined not less than five dollars nor more than fifty dollars: Provided, That all circumstances of necessity may be plead as a defense to the offense described in this section; and, provided further, that the Chief of Police may permit upon the national holidays and other days of public celebration any appropriate display of firearms named in this section.