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John Prentiss Poe, The Maryland Code. Public Local Laws, Adopted by the General Assembly of Maryland March 14, 1888. Including also the Acts of the Session of 1888 Incorporated Therein, and Prefaced with the Constitution of the State Page 538, Image 638 (Vol. 1, 1888) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



Crimes and Punishments, Rogues and Vagabonds, § 246. If any person shall be apprehended having upon him any pick-lock, key, crow, jack, bit, or other implement, at places and under circumstances from which an intent may be presumed feloniously to break and enter into any dwelling-house, warehouse, store-house, stable or out-house, or shall have upon him any pistol, hanger, cutlass, bludgeon, or other offensive weapon, also at places and under circumstances from which may be presumed an intent feloniously to assault any person, or shall be found in or upon any dwelling-house, warehouse, storehouse, stable or outhouse, or in any enclosed yard or garden or area belonging to any house, with an intent to steal any goods or chattels, every such person shall be deemed a rogue and vagabond, and on being convicted thereof, shall be sentenced to the penitentiary for not less than one month nor more than two years, or to imprisonment in jail, at the discretion of the court, for a like term.