Laws of the City of Johnstown, Pa., Embracing City Charter, Act of Assembly of May 23, 1889, for the Government of Cities of the Third Class, General and Special Ordinances, Rules of Select and Common Councils and Joint Sessions Page 84, Image 84 (1897) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1897

General Ordinances [of Johnstown, PA]; General Ordinance No. 2, An Ordinance Providing for the Security of Persons and Property of the Inhabitants of the City of Johnstown; the Preservation of the Public Peace and Good Order of the City, and Prescribing Penalties for Offenses Against the Same, § 2. Any person who shall on any public street, alley, square, or public grounds, within the limits of the city, willfully discharge any gun or firearm – excepting in necessary defense of self or property – or shall wantonly throw any metal, stone, brick, bullet, or other missile, or who shall willfully explode any torpedo, bomb, fire-cracker, or fire-works in any place on either public or private grounds, or on the street corners or alleys, shall upon conviction pay a fine of not less than one dollar or more than fifty dollars with costs.