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Lucius Q.C. Lamar, A Compilation of the Laws of the State of Georgia, Passed by the Legislature since the Year 1810 to the Year 1819, Inclusive. Comprising all the Laws Passed within those Periods, Arranged under Appropriate Heads, with Notes of Reference to those Laws, or Parts of Laws, which are Amended or Repealed to which are Added such Concurred and Approved Resolutions, as are Eithier of General, Local, or Private Moment. Concluding with a Copious Index to the Laws, a Separate one to the Resolutions Page 593, Image 599 (1821) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




Offences Against the Public Peace, Penal Code. 1816. § 4. If any person in this state shall deliberately challenge, by word or writing, the person of another, to fight at sword, pistol, or other deadly weapon, or if any person so challenged shall accept the said challenge, in either case, such person so giving or sending, or receiving any such challenge, and being convicted thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, and imprisoned in the common jail of the county, or on the recommendation of the jury, undergo an imprisonment in the penitentiary, at hard labour or labour, for any time not less than three months, nor longer than one year.