O. P. Ergenbright, Revised Ordinances of the City of Independence, Kansas: Together with the Amended Laws Governing Cities of the Second Class and Standing Rules of the City Council Page 162, Image 157 (1887) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1887

Weapons, § 27. Any person who in this city shall draw any pistol or other weapon in a hostile manner, or shall make any demonstration or threat of using such weapon on or against any person; or any person who shall carry or have on his or her person, in a concealed manner, any pistol, dirk, bowie-knife, revolver, slung-shot, billy, brass, lead, or iron knuckles, or any deadly weapon, within this city, shall be fined not less than five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars: Provided, that this ordinance shall not be so construed as to prohibit officers of the law while on duty from being armed.