Offenses Affecting Public Safety, Ordinances of the City Council of Memphis, Ch.14, Art. 3, §1 (1867).

"Section 1. It shall be deemed a misdemeanor to do, or cause to be done, any of the following acts; and any person convicted thereof shall be fined not less than five nor more than fifty dollars:"


"7th. To discharge any firearm within the city, unless in self-defense or while executing some law.
8th. To carry concealed on or about the person any pistol, bowie-knife, dirk or other deadly weapon."

"12th. To violate any of the following provisions in relation to gunpowder and powder magazines:

        That no powder magazine shall be erected or kept within the corporate limits of the city without a special license from the Board of Aldermen, and then only upon such condition and in such place as the Board may direct.
        No merchant or other person shall keep on hand, or in store, or on his premises, within this city, more than twenty pounds of gunpowder at any one time, and this quantity shall be kept in a safe and secure box or canister completely closed.
        No vehicle employed to carry powder about the city for sale or distribution shall carry more than ten kegs at a time; and said vehicle shall be so arranged as effectually to cover up the kegs and to guard and protect the same from public view and from accidental fire.
        No boat shall deliver at this port more than ten kegs of gunpowder at one time without the permission of the Wharfmaster, and all gunpowder delivered from boats shall be delivered under the special superintendence of the said officer and according to his direction. And no person shall sell, or be allowed to sell, any gunpowder on board of or from any flatboat at this landing.
        No person shall send to or deliver in the city any powder concealed in any box or barrel, or in any other manner, purporting to be any other article, under penalty of confiscation of the whole package, in addition to the fines imposed for violations of this ordinance.
        Upon information given and sworn to before the Recorder, it is hereby made the duty of the Chief of Police to obtain a search warrant from the Recorder, and make examination of the premises named in the information, for powder, and if more gunpowder be found therein than is allowed by the ordinance to be kept, the said gunpowder shall be confiscated to the use of the city, and the offender shall be fined as herein directed.
        No powder manufactory shall be allowed to be erected or carried on within this city, or within one mile of the same, all such establishments and manufactories being hereby declared nuisances. And if any such establishment shall be begun or carried on, or if any powder-house or magazine shall be erected and used without the special license aforesaid, on report and proof made to him, the Recorder shall order said nuisances to be abated immediately by the Chief of Police."

1867, TN, Offenses Affecting Public Safety, Ordinances of the City Council of Memphis, Ch.14, Art. 3, §1

WM. H. Bridges, Digest of the Charters and Ordinances of the City of Memphis, from 1826 to 1867, Inclusive, together with the Acts of the Legislature Relating to the City, with an Appendix (Memphis, TN: Bulletin Publishing Company, 1867), 337-339. Ch. 14 An Ordinance in Relation to Offenses Affecting Good Morals and Decency, Public Peace, Quiet, Safety and Property, and in Relation to Misdemeanors and Nuisances Generally, Art. 3 Offenses Affecting Public Safety, §1. Approved 11 July, 1867.