An Ordinance to Revise the General Ordinances of the City of Madison, ch. 22, §§ 1-4, MADISON, CHARTER AND GEN. ORDINANCES 292, 292-93 (Law Passed 1917; Published 1917 by Cantwell Printing).


    Report of Sale of Firearms.  SECTION 1. (1) Every person, firm, association or corporation engaged in the business of selling firearms at retail in the city of Madison, shall at the close of business on each day during which any such person, firm, association or corporation shall sell any firearms, make a report to the chief of police, giving a brief description of each firearm sold and the name and address of the purchaser.

    (2) The city clerk shall provide suitable forms upon which such reports may be made, which shall be furnished upon request to persons, firms, associations or corporations engaged in selling firearms at retail in the city of Madison.

    Regulate Carrying of Weapons.  SECTION 2. It shall be unlawful for any person, except policemen or any officer authorized to serve process, to carry or wear concealed about his person, any pistol or revolver, slung shot, cross-knuckles, knuckles of lead, brass or other metal, or bowie knife, dirk knife, or dirk or dagger, or any other dangerous or deadly weapon, within the limits of the city of Madison; provided, however, that the chief of police of said city may, upon any written application to him made, issue and give a written permit to any person residing within the city of Madison to carry within the said city, for reasonable length of time, to be specified in the permit, a pistol or revolver when it is made to appear to said chief of police that it is necessary for the personal safety of such person or for the safety of his property or for the property with which he may be entrusted, to carry such weapon; and the holding of such permit by such person shall be a bar to prosecution under this section. Said chief of police shall keep the names and residences of all persons to whom he may grant such permits in a book, to be kept for that purpose, and he shall have power to revoke such permit at any time.

    Said chief of police shall, upon granting each and every such permit, collect from the person to whom the same is granted, the sum of one dollar, and he shall pay all moneys so collected by him, upon granting such permits, into the city treasury.

    Any person who shall violate the provisions of this section, shall be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

    Discharging of Fire-Arms and Explosives—Burning of Inflammable Matter.  SECTION 3. No person shall fire or discharge any cannon, or fire arm of any description, or any air gun, or fire, explode, or set off any squib, cracker or other thing containing powder, or other combustible or explosive material without written permission of the mayor or chief of police, which permission shall limit the time of such firing, and shall be subject to be revoked by the common council. No person shall set fire any grass, leaves or any other inflammable material, or suffer or permit the same to be done, unless the same may be ignited without danger of the spread of fire, and unless some competent person shall be in constant attendance from the time the same are ignited until the same are totally extinguished.

    Sale of Toy Pistols and Firecrackers.  SECTION 4. No person shall sell or place on sale, or give away or fire or explode any toy, cap or cartridge pistol or any fire cracker exceeding ¼ inch in diameter and 2 inches in length; nor any so-called "dago bomb" or any similar bomb unless used for exhibition purposes and then only by an experienced agent."

Full Text: 1917, Madison, WI, An Ordinance to Revise the General Ordinances, ch. 22, §§ 1-4

 V. M. Stolts, ed., Charter and General Ordinances of the City of Madison, Wisconsin Together With the Rules of Order of the Common Council and a Complete List of the Officers of the City From 1856-1917, Inclusive (Madison, WI: Cantwell Printing Company, 1917), 292-293. Chapter 22—Offenses Against Public Safety, §§ 1-4. Passed June 26, 1917.