Ordinance No. 3, § 1, Washougal Town Council (1908) (Washougal, Washington).

  • Year:
  • 1909


Defining disorderly persons and prescribing the punishment for disorderly conduct within the town of Washougal.

Be it ordained by the Council of the town of Washougal:
    Section I. All drunken persons or persons found intoxicated in any public place in said town:
All persons fighting or quarreling in any public place in said town...

    ...All persons (except police officers and other other persons whose duty it is to execute process or warrants or make arrests] who shall carry upon his or her person any concealed weapon consisting of a revolver, pistol or other firearms or any knife (other than an ordinary pocket knife) or any dirk or dagger, sling shot or metal knuckles, or any instrument by use of which injury could be inflicted upon the person or property of any other person in said town;
    And, all persons (except police officers as aforesaid and persons practicing at shooting in a shooting gallery duly licensed) who shall, within the town limits, fire off or discharge any gun, pistol or firearm of any kind, or any bomb, shall be deemed and are disorderly persons and guilty of a misdemeanor."

Full Text: 1908, WA, Washougal City Council, Ordinance No. 3

N.B. The archive has two records for this ordinance, both are included in the above PDF. The first record is heavily edited and contains several mistakes. It is dated as being passed and approved on December 21, 1908. The above transcription is based on the second record, which is formatted like a newspaper and is the cleaner of the two copies. It is dated as having been passed and approved on December 20, 1909. The law has been cataloged within the DCFL repository according to the latter of these two dates.

Ordinance No. 3, Washougal City Council Ordinances, 1908-2007, Washington State Digital Archives,, accessed October 31, 2023. Washougal, Washington Town Council, Ordinance No. 3—Defining Disorderly Persons and Prescribing the Punishment for Disorderly Conduct within the Town of Washougal, § 1. Passed and Approved, December 20, 1909.