Ordinance No. 7, §§ 1, 6, 11, & 20, Selah Town Council (1919) (Selah, Washington).

  • Year:
  • 1919


    AN ORDINANCEfor the preservation of the public peace, safety, morality and good order in the Town of Selah; defining who are disorderly persons and vagrants and providing penalties for the violation thereof.
    Be it ordained by the Council of the Town of Selah;
    Section 1. That the following persons are hereby declared to be disorderly persons...
    ...6. Any person in said Town except police officers and other persons authorized by law or have obtained proper authority so to do from the proper officer of said Town, who shall carry or wear in any manner concealed upon his or her person any dirk, dagger, stilletto, bowie-knife, sword, cane, gun, pistol, revolver, sling shot, metal knuckles or any other dangerous weapon or instrument which may be used to inflict injury upon the person of another...
    ...11. Any person in said Town except police officers and other persons whose duty it is to make arrests who shall draw, exhibit or attempt to use any deadly weapon with intent to do bodily injury to another, or with the intention of intimidating such other person...
    ...20. Any person in said Town except mmmmmmmmpolice** officers engaged in the lawful discharge of their duty, and persons practicing at target shooting in a duly licensed shooting gallery, who shall fire off or discharge any gun, pistol or fire arm of any kind within the Town Limits..."

Full Text: 1919, WA, Selah Town Council, Ordinance No. 7, §§ 1, 6, 11, & 20

*   The number "7" has been written in by hand. The rest of the document is typewritten.
** The word "officers" has been typed over with a series of m's.

Ordinance No. 7, Selah Town Council Ordinances, 1919-1928, 2008-2012, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives,, accessed November 15, 2023.  Selah, Washington Town Council, Ordinance No. 7—An Ordinance for the Preservation of the Public Peace, Safety, Morality and Good Order in the Town of Selah; Defining Who Are Disorderly Persons and Vagrants and Providing Penalties for the Violation Thereof, §§ 1, 6, 11, & 20.  Introduced, Passed by the Council, and Approved, April 23, 1919.