Ordinances Ordained and Established by the Mayor & City Council of the City of New Orleans Page 68, Image 68 (1817) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1817

Ordinances of the City of New Orleans, § 12. No person shall hereafter be permitted to fire or discharge any gun, pistol, fowling piece or firearm, nor to discharge or let off any rocket, cracker, squib or other fire-works, in any street, court yard, lot, walk or public way, within the city or suburbs, or from the door or window of any house or other building, or near any house or other inhabited part of said city or suburbs, on any account whatever particularly on the occasion of festivals or public rejoicings, under the penalty of from five to ten dollars upon each offender, if the person so offending be free, and of thirty lashes if the offender be a slave; Provided always, that nothing contained in this ordinance shall be construed to extend to the reviews or exercises of any military company; and if any person or persons shall let off any fireworks, or shall make any bonfire or persons shall let off any fireworks, or shall make any bonfire without having first obtained the permission of the Mayor of this city, who will appoint the place for so doing every such person or persons shall pay the fine aforesaid.