Orville Park, Park's Annotated Code of the State of Georgia 1914, Penal Code, Article 3, Carrying pistols without license, § 348(a)-(d).

  • Year:
  • 1910

§ 348 (a). Carrying pistols without license. [It shall be unlawful for any person to have or carry about his person, in any county in the State of Georgia, any pistol or revolver without first taking out a license from the ordinary of the respective counties in which the party resides, before such person shall be at liberty to carry around with him on his person, or to have in his manual possession outside of his own home or place of business: Provided that nothing in this law shall be construed to alter, affect, or amend any laws now in force in this State relative to the carrying of concealed weapons on or about one's person, and provided further, that this shall not apply to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, marshals, or other arresting officers of this State or United States, who are now allowed, by law, to carry revolvers; nor to any of the militia of said State while in service or upon duty; nor to any students of military colleges or schools when they are in the discharge of their duty at such colleges.] § 348 (b). License, how obtained. [The ordinary of the respective counties of this State in which the applicant resides may grant such license, either in term time or during vacation, upon the application of party or person desiring to apply for such license; provided applicant shall be at least eighteeen years old or over, and shall give a bond payable to the Governor of the State in the sum of one hundred dollars, conditioned upon the proper and legitimate use of said weapon with a surety approved by the ordinary of said county, and the ordinary granting the license shall keep a record of the name of the person taking out such license, the name of the maker of the fire-arm to be carried, and the caliber and number of the same.] § 348 (c). Fee for license. [The person making such application and to whom such license is granted, shall pay to the ordinary for granting said license the sum of fifty cents, which license shall cover a period of three years from date of granting same.] § 348 (d). Punishment. [Any person violating any of the provisions of the three preceding sections shall be punished as for a misdemeanor, as prescribed in section 1065 of this Code.]