Revised Ordinances and Resolutions of the City Council of Salt Lake City, in the Territory of Utah, with Congressional and Territorial Laws on Townsites and Great Salt Lake City Charter, and Amendments Page 161-162, Image 196-197 (1875) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1875

Ordinances of Salt Lake City, Relating to Gunpowder, Gun Cotton and Nitro-Glycerine, § 1. Be it ordained, by the City Council of Salt Lake City, that it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to keep, sell or give away, gunpowder, gun-cotton, or nitro-glycerine, in any quantity without permission of the City Council; Provided, any person may keep, for his own use, not exceeding five pounds of gun powder, one pound of gun cotton, or one ounce of nitro-glycerine. § 2. All permits , when issued , shall be registered by the Recorder, and shall state the name and place of business, and date of permit, and the same shall not be granted for a longer time than one year; and no person to whom any permits may be issued, shall have or keep, at his place of business or elsewhere, within the city, (except in such places as may be approved by the City Council), a greater quantity of gunpowder or guncotton than twenty-five pounds, and the same shall be kept in tin canisters or cases, and nitro-glycerine not to exceed five ounces, and in a situation remote from fires lighted lamps or candles. Nor shall any person sell or weigh gunpowder, gun cotton, or nitro-glycerine, after the lighting of lamps or gas in the evening , unless in sealed canisters or cases. It shall be the duty of every person to whom a permit shall be given to keep a sign at the front door of his place of business, with the word gunpowder painted or printed thereon in large letters. § 3. No person shall convey or carry any gunpowder exceeding one pound in quantity through any street or alley in the city, unless the said gunpowder is secured in tight cans, kegs or cases, sufficient to prevent the same from being spilled or scattered , and in no quantity exceeding one hundred pounds, except under the direction of a police officer. § 4. A violation of any clause of this ordinance shall subject the offender to a fine, for each offence, in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.